Terms and Conditions of Hire

In these conditions:

Owner’ means registered waste carrier.

Hirer’ means person or company to which accounts are rendered to.

Vehicle’ means the vehicle that is delivering or removing the skip which is subject to the contract.

Driver’ means the driver of the vehicle.

The Site’ means the location where the skip is to be deposited or removed on the direction of the hirer. 

The owner enters into the agreement for the hire of skips and the disposal of the contents upon the following conditions: 

  1. Payment is due prior or upon delivery of the skip except on approved credit accounts which must be settled within 30 days of the invoice date. In the event that payment in full or part is not received for the skip, the owner may return the skip contents to the site of collection. The contents will be of the same nature as that removed from site, either active or inactive waste.

  2. Skips must be safely loaded and material kept within the confines of the skip. If the skip is overloaded, the driver will at his discretion either refuse or remove the skip, or wait whilst the load is corrected. Waiting time will be charged at £30.00 per ½ hour or part thereof. A further skip for the excess can be ordered at the current rate.

  3. No toxic substances must be placed within the skip. Please advise the driver of any items you are not sure about, such as batteries, gas cylinders, fridges or freezers, asbestos and rubber tyres. Any toxic substances that have to be returned to the producer may have to be charged.

  4. No fires will be lit within the skip or in close proximity as resulting damage will be charged at the cost of a new skip.

  5. The hirer will have no further title to any items deposited within the skip, once removal has been effected any items become the property of the owner.

  6. Hirers requesting and authorising vehicles to leave the public highway do so at their own risk and take full responsibility for any damage caused. This may include damage to driveways, underground services, manhole covers, paths, paving, overhead cables, gates and any other items at the site of the waste producer.  The hirer shall indemnify the owner in respect of any loss, cost, claims, damages or expenses the owner may hereby sustain whether as the result of personal injury or as a result of damage to the vehicle itself or to the property of the hirer or third parties.

  7. If the skip is placed on a public highway or private street, the hirer must comply with all statutory regulations and bye-laws relating thereto. In particular the hirer must ensure there are adequate battery warning lights illuminated at night on the skip.

  8. Skips must remain in the position left by the vehicle. The driver may decline to remove any repositioned skip if he feels damage may be damaged to the skip lifting equipment. Access must be left to the skip at all times. Wasted journeys will be charged to the hirer.

  9. Except as specifically otherwise agreed, the hirer shall fill the skip within the period of hire and shall inform the owner in good time of its readiness for collection or replacement. Periods in excess of casual hire period will be charged at £20 per week or part thereof.

  10. It is the responsibility of the hirer to notify the owner when skips will be ready for collection. Times of collection will be entirely at the owner’s discretion. If a definite pickup is required on a specific day this can be requested but no guarantee can be given.

  11. The owner reserves the right to suspend collections and deliveries without any liability for any loss occasioned by the hirer or third party in the event of war, civil commotion, strikes, lock outs, fog, fire or any other bad weather conditions, delays in a type of transport, plant breakdown or any accident or other cause beyond our control. The owner shall use their best endeavours to phase deliveries to meet the hirer’s requirements but shall not be liable for any delay In collection or for any direct or consequential loss arising there from. 

  12. The owner will collect personal data relating to the hirer and / or its employees or staff in the course of providing the skip hire. This is used by the owner to manage the relationship between the hirer and the owner, and the hire of the skip to the hirer. The use of personal data for this purpose is necessary for the performance of the contract that will be in place between the owner and the hirer and for the owner’s legitimate interests in managing that contract.  For further information about how the owner handles personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy available on our website www.forgeskiphire.co.uk

  13. During booking, the hirer must inform the owner of any persistent organic pollutants (POPs) that may be disposed of. Failure to do so will result in additional charges for the hirer. Examples of POP items are, but not limited to, 

    • sofa
    • sofa beds
    • armchairs
    • kitchen and dining room chairs
    • stools and foot stools
    • home office chairs
    • futons
    • bean bags, floor and sofa cushions
  14. Three clear working days notice is required to terminate the hiring of the skip.

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