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When to use an enclosed skip

While hiring a skip is a helpful addition for your house clearance or building project, some safety and security measures should be considered.

Open skips are more susceptible to misuse or theft, especially if the skip bin is on an easily accessible driveway or near a busy street. People may use your skip to dispose of their own rubbish, which can sometimes be hazardous, or steal potentially dangerous items only suitable for landfill.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent these scenarios. Lockable skips are a popular option for those who require added security during their project. Find out more about enclosed skip hire with our handy guide.

What is an enclosed skip?

A lockable or enclosed skip is a fully contained skip with a lid that users can secure with a heavy-duty padlock.

Lids are made from the same sturdy material as the skip body, making them a safe and secure alternative to regular skip hire.

Why is a lockable skip useful?

A lockable covered skip is useful when your project requires safe or more confidential waste disposal.

The heavy lid and padlock deter other people from using the skip, meaning nobody but you will have access.

As you are responsible for the waste that goes into your skip during the hire period, it’s crucial to ensure unwanted hazardous waste is kept out. Skip bins with lockable lids help prevent this from happening, providing peace of mind.

You may also want to stop people from accessing your waste, especially if it’s confidential or potentially harmful. An enclosed skip lets the skip user dispose of their waste without worrying about it being taken or misused.

When to use a lockable skip

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There are many situations where enclosed skip hire is the preferable option. Whether protecting against weather, theft, or requiring a neater waste disposal option, skip bins with lockable lids are ideal for several uses.

The unpredictable British weather can be a nuisance when hiring a skip. Heavy rainfall means your skip could fill up with water, requiring you to empty it before use. An enclosed skip protects your waste from the elements and is especially useful in building projects when certain materials need to be kept dry.

Many projects throw away items that can be dangerous if misused. A lockable skip ensures people don’t steal your waste and that it’s kept safe from the public, so skip hire companies can correctly throw it away later.

A lockable covered skip is something to consider if your skip is near a busy street or on a housing estate. A highly populated area means your skip is more likely to be used by others, meaning you’ll have less control over the waste contents and amount.

Enclosed skip hire

With Forge Skip Hire, hiring a lockable skip for domestic or commercial use is easy and hassle-free. All of our lockable skips come provided with a padlock and key so that you can ensure maximum security throughout your skip hire.

With a range of enclosed skip sizes, we’ll meet your secure waste disposal needs with our unique and affordable pricing.