A picture of a skip on the street, after a licence has been acquired.

What you need to know about getting a skip licence

A skip licence (or skip permit) is needed if you want to place a skip on a footpath, verge or road, and you will usually need to apply for a skip permit in Leeds several days before you take delivery of the skip itself.

There are a few limits on skip licences in Leeds that you need to be aware of, and we’ll look at those in more detail in a moment.

Do I need a skip permit?

It’s very easy to decide if you need a skip licence or not:

  • Will your skip be on a public road, pavement or verge?
  • Will your skip be on private property?

To legally deliver a hired skip to a roadside or public path, we need you to have a skip permit from Leeds City Council, and if you let us know when you make your booking, we can take care of applying for a skip licence for you.

How to apply for a skip permit in Leeds

For areas covered by Leeds City Council, you need to visit the page ‘Application to place a skip on a public road or highway from Leeds City Council’ on GOV.UK.

You’ll need to download and save the PDF application form, fill it in on your computer and then submit it back to the website along with a £16 fee payable by debit or credit card.

Again, Forge Skip Hire can handle all of this process on your behalf, and if you let us know in advance we can make sure your skip hire price includes the skip permit fee.

Limits on skip licences in Leeds

First of all, it can take up to seven days for your skip permit application to be processed, and usually takes 3-4 days – and it is not legal for us to deliver your skip until your skip licence is approved, if it is going to be on public property.

A Leeds skip permit lasts for up to one month, and there is another similar application process if you wish to extend beyond that, so make sure you arrange to have your skip collected before your skip permit expiration date.

Leeds City Council say they will only block residential parking and/or metered parking bays if there is no alternative, so make sure you have checked whether you could reasonably fit a skip on your driveway or private property, and avoid the need for a skip licence.

Avoid applying for a skip permit in Leeds

There are two ways to avoid applying for a skip permit in Leeds. The first is to put your skip on private property.

By doing so, you remove the need to apply for a skip permit at all, and you also don’t face the time restrictions on your skip licence expiry date (although it’s unlikely you’ll need your skip for more than a month anyway).

Alternatively, when you hire a skip from Forge Skip Hire, we can take care of the skip permit application process for you — just make sure you check the ‘On Road’ option when you request your skip hire quote, so we can factor the cost of the permit into your fee.

Further information

If there’s anything else you want to know about skip licences, hiring a skip, or what our prices are, give us a shout via our contact page.