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What to know when hiring a skip in winter

With the UK caught up in the bitter chill of winter, it’s the time of year when all we crave is the warm indoors, preferably with an open fire and steaming mug of hot chocolate. For many, a deep spring clean is an annual tradition, while autumn, for all its crimson beauty, is equally as satisfying for raking the fallen leaves from the garden. But what if you’re planning a winter clear-out?

Winter is often considered downtime in the construction industry. Fewer daylight hours and harsh weather conditions have the potential to delay projects and impact the safety of workers, but that doesn’t mean you should completely freeze progress.

If you’re considering hiring a winter skip, check out our informative guide to help you overcome the season’s unique challenges.

Why would I need winter skip hire?

Even though winter gives off a feeling of lethargy and gloom, it can be a great time to prepare your home and free up time during periods of sunshine. Rather than braving the bustle and cold at your nearest tip, local skip hire means you can buy your time with the elements. All our skips can be hired for up to one week (potential to extend once booked), meaning you can wait for a pleasant weather day to dispose of your waste.

For construction businesses, showing you care about the environment is important. Impressive green credentials are a powerful way to attract new investment and connect with new customers, so use an eco-friendly skip-hire service. Not only is our cheap skip hire cost-effective, but we will save you a job by sorting and recycling your waste, saving it from being dumped in landfill.

No matter where we are in the year, hiring a skip is always a safer option for handling and disposing of waste. It ensures greater safety for site workers by keeping the site clear of hazardous materials and items with sharp edges. Travelling in winter can be treacherous, so homeowners can benefit by avoiding the roads and saving themselves a journey transporting heavy waste to and from their car during the cold weather.

What to consider when hiring a skip in winter

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Don’t hesitate to complete your home, garden, or building project when the cold nights enter. Hiring a skip in winter is very different from summertime, so consider the following factors to make waste management as easy as possible.

Prevent your skip from filling with water

Rainfall is almost a given during winter, so you must be prepared to stop your skip from filling with water. Rain can accumulate quickly, adding extra weight to inert waste such as cement concrete, glass, plaster, sand, and soil.

Not only does this result in the contents being heavier, but it can also increase the cost of your skip hire because we’ll need to send a larger skip lorry to collect your skip. To combat your skip waste being exposed to rain and snow, cover it with a tarpaulin or hire an enclosed skip.

Ground conditions

Waterlogged and snowy ground can make accessing or picking up a skip more difficult. There’s a risk the skip lorry could get stuck, which means your skip would also remain in situ. Soil and grass absorb a lot of moisture, so let us know in advance if the ground on or around your property is saturated so we can provide the most suitable vehicle and skip for your project.

Increased risk of theft

It gets dark early in winter, so there’s a heightened risk of theft. It’s an opportune moment for scrap thieves to rummage in your skip and take your discarded items and materials.

The contents of your skip may be of no use to you, but the reality is that you’ve paid for your skip to manage your waste. Our secure, enclosed skips come supplied with a padlock and key, so only you will have access and, more importantly, complete peace of mind.

Snow problems

Snow can wreak havoc in the UK, sometimes causing the country to come to a standstill. Heavy snow can impact the travel industry, and the waste management industry is no exception. We need to consider the safety of the roads and our drivers when hiring a skip, so we always keep you updated with any developments.

If the snow is extreme enough to abort our operations, it usually means it wouldn’t be suitable for you to use the skip that day either. Depending on the urgency of your waste disposal, it could be sensible to hire your skip earlier than you require it, so it’s in position, even when the snow hits.

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