What is builders waste?

Renovating your home or business is an exciting project that can reveal the full potential of your home or commercial building.

However, the transformation comes with a lot of mess and waste, and a construction site must be kept in good order to comply with health and safety. This is why builders’ waste removal is essential to any heavy renovation.

Builders waste is any waste or debris produced as part of the construction process. When you begin a building or renovation project, whether removing or constructing elements, you always need to dispose of lots of heavy waste. This waste can include brick, glass, plasterboard, old carpets, and various types of packaging.

Thankfully, there’s many ways to ensure builders’ waste is disposed of safely and securely, which is why construction waste management is so crucial with big projects.


What are the types of builders waste?

Construction, demolition, and excavation sites can generate different types of waste. The most common types of construction waste includes:

  • wood, glass, and plastic
  • concrete, bricks, tiles, and cement
  • paints and vanishes
  • metallic waste (pipes etc)
  • insulation materials.

When builders waste is produced, you must know what type of waste you can dispose of and what types you can’t. Many of these waste products can be salvaged, reused, or recycled. When you remove the waste, it can be a bonus to separate the individual pieces correctly to provide ease for the waste collection company to remove.

Can you put builder’s waste in a skip?

When hiring a skip and disposing of builders waste, you can dispose of some of it within a skip. Of course, this depends on the construction work and the waste materials left over.

If you are unsure of what you can and can’t put into a skip, check out our guide to skip hire.

Items you can’t put in a skip

You always need to consider that there are some things you cannot put into a skip as they can be harmful.

  • Chemicals – bleach, detergent, light bulbs and any toxic materials
  • Plasterboards – these fall within the hazardous waste category
  • Asbestos – hazardous waste
  • Liquids or oils of any kind
  • Compressed gas cylinders or aerosols (even empty ones)
  • Batteries

Things to consider when hiring a skip for builders waste

At Forge, we provide easy and convenient builders waste disposal and offer a suitable range of skip hire options. When hiring a skip for builder’s waste, there are a few things you need to consider — the size of the project and the size of the skip.

We have a great range of skip sizes available to hire and that offer suitability for projects both large and small.

Midi skip hire – Ideal for commercial and domestic use such as bathroom or kitchen refurbishments, house clearances, or the removal of medium amounts of household and garden waste.

Maxi skip hire – This is also known as a builders skip and is very popular in the construction industry.

Roll on roll off skip hire – These skip types are perfect for all your waste needs, and we offer a variety of securely enclosed skips suitable for asbestos removal and general waste.

Enclosed skip hire – Enclosed skip hire is perfect for projects involving toxic waste, such as asbestos. This skip choice is also great for those worried about dumpster divers.

With builder waste being a large producer of tipping, many builders adopt the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ policies to assist with controlling the amount of construction waste generated.

If you’re unsure of how to fill a skip, we also provide information and guidance on how to correctly fill and organise your skip.

Once you have decided on the type of waste you wish to dispose of, you can contact us for a quote or advice on your skip size.