People carrying a sofa, ready for safe and responsible disposal.

What are your options when disposing of a sofa?

Disposing of bulky items can get expensive, but there are ways to avoid the extra costs involved with getting rid of old furniture like sofas and settees.

If you’ve been longing for a comfier couch, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of your old sofa.

There may be local council collections — Leeds City Council will take up to four bulky items at a time, at a cost of £20, but you can only take advantage of this four times each year.

Here are some of the alternatives that could put your old sofa to good use and save you £20 or more in the process…

1. Can I put a sofa in a skip?

Whereas most skip hire companies won’t take mattresses, or will charge extra to do so, you might find it possible to put a sofa in a skip, subject to the usual rules.

Importantly, that means the sofa should not stick out the top of the skip above the maximum safe fill line.

Our Jumbo skips are big enough for most ordinary household sofas. Large skip hire should also be sufficient for corner sofas if you can break them down – if you’re not sure, just ask before you hire your skip.

2. Give it to charity

You might think your sofa is past it, but it could still be of good use to a charity, whether they give it to someone who has nothing, or sell it to raise funds.

As long as it finds a new home, it doesn’t really matter where it goes, the important thing is that it’s not fly-tipped or dumped in a landfill site somewhere.

Check online, in local newspapers or business directories, or ask around friends and family to find out if there’s a local charity who might not only take your sofa, but come and collect it for free.

If they will, you save the cost of organising a separate bulky item collection while also helping out a worthy cause – and there’s no shame in that!

3. Friends, family and freecycling

Finally, remember that charity begins at home, so if you have friends or family whose sofa is in worse condition than yours, they might welcome a swap even if it means they have to pay the £20 pickup fee.

If you don’t know anyone personally, again just ask around. Post to your social media profiles to say you have a second-hand sofa in fairly good condition, and offer it for free to anyone who can collect.

You could even ask your friends and followers to share your post so strangers can claim your couch if they want to – giving furniture away for free like this is commonly known as freecycling and it’s a great way to directly reuse unwanted items so they stay out of landfill.

Again, you never know who might be setting up home for the first time or furnishing a student flat in your area, and on the hunt for some bargains and freebie furniture even just as a temporary measure.