Ways to make your office safe during COVID-19

COVID-19 brought the world to a halt and led to a huge increase in remote working. However, as coronavirus restrictions ease, many organisations are returning to office working. If you have staff that are about to begin their return to the office, it is crucial you have made it safe during this time.

The government has emphasised that it is vital for businesses to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment and use it to inform any decisions they make regarding coronavirus control measures.

Keep reading for some office safety tips during COVID-19.

Consider the design of your office

Firstly, you must consider the design of your office. If in the past, you had a lot of desks next to each other and not a lot of space, you must consider altering the design, so it is safe.

The government has encouraged back to back or side to side working; this is so your team is less likely to have contact with others.

Furthermore, many companies have installed screens or barriers to separate desks. By taking small measures such as adapting your office spacing, your team will feel much more comfortable.

Another suggestion would be to implement a staff rotation system. By creating an online rota, staff can take it in turns to come into the office, so it does not become overcrowded.

If your office uses hot desks and shared equipment, it is recommended that you invest in some new resources as it is not safe for people to use equipment that others have used.

If you want to take an extra step to keep your team safe, motion lights and motion sensors are highly recommended. By installing motion sensors, everyone in the office can avoid touching doors and light switches. If motion sensors are not within your budget, try to limit surfaces that need to be touched.

Make sure your office is not cluttered

As you need to create new space in your office, it mustn’t be cluttered. If you’re wondering how to declutter your office, one suggestion is to hire a skip. Start by deciding which items can be thrown away, and then choose which size skip would suit your clearance needs.

It is vital to choose a skip hire service that is registered with the Environment Agency, so any waste collected can be disposed of safely and legally. In Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, Forge Skip Hire has a considerable selection of skip sizes to choose from and can tailor a quote for your exact needs.

A pair of hands using the hand sanitising pump.

Cleaning procedures

Having cleaning procedures in place at your office is crucial. More than ever, office cleaning is important for everyone’s safety. By having a cleaning policy that all members of staff adhere to, it reduces risk levels and will make everyone more comfortable.

One recommendation is to install hand sanitising points in every room. This may seem like a lot, but it is necessary to keep staff members safe. Alongside sanitising points, having disinfectant wipes or spray handy allows your team to clean the office regularly.

Clear communication is crucial

This is a frustrating and nerve-wracking time for everyone, so having a clear level of communication is crucial. Each individual will have different circumstances, so make sure to be empathetic and adjust to their personal needs.

By having clear and safe office policies, staff members can understand the rules and abide by them. You can give additional advice to your staff by encouraging certain things, such as staff bringing their own food or taking part in a cycling to work scheme.

In whatever way you are currently communicating with your team, it is imperative to reiterate the isolation symptoms to them, so they do not come into the office with COVID-19.

Embrace change

Coronavirus is going to be around for a while, so now more than ever, it is time to embrace change. A great way to embrace change in this unusual time is through welcoming the use of technology for remote working.

It is a great idea to invest in laptops, tablets and mobile phones so remote work can be the best it can. Many staff members will not feel personally ready to return to an office, which must be respected.