A house undergoing rennovation in Leeds

Top tips for handling a house spring clean

Clutter, clutter, and more clutter.

Everyone has been in a situation where our homes seem to become chaotic with mess and it can make us feel down.

 A study has shown that 50% of us could happily live without most of the things we own.

It is easy for us to build-up a mountain of junk in our homes, that realistically – we don’t and never will need. Below are some of our top tips on how to climb that mountain and handle a house clearance.

Schedule time in

A common question people ask themselves when they want to clean up is, where do I start?

Well, scheduling the time to tidy up is key to this seemingly long process and should be your first step. Find a day or weekend you have free and commit it to cleaning your house, it could take a while!

Through scheduling a time and planning, you will be able to complete this stress-free.

One suggestion is to allocate a specific amount of time to each room of your house. Maybe give yourself a little longer for the extra-cluttered rooms.


Create yourself two piles; throw and Keep!

This is a simple and effective way to organise what can stay and what can go.

Remember to really think about whether you need it – if you haven’t used it in the past five years, you probably don’t.

What now?

Now you’ve decided what you are throwing away. We move onto the next stage of organising what to do with these things. Here are three suggestions we have:

Give to charity

For items that are safe and in a decent condition, they can easily be given to a charity shop. Those items that you might not need, could make someone else’s life a lot better. In Leeds, you can search online to find your closest charity shop. Donating items is a great option and helps other people as well as yourself.

Sell your stuff

If you have items that you spent a lot of money on and want to earn some back, you could decide on a price and sell these. Whether you do this on an online selling website or through word of mouth, it is an effective way to get rid of your unwanted goods.

Recycle your stuff

Recycling is another good way to safely get rid of items and help the environment at the same time. Leeds City Council has an easy search option to choose an item and tells you if or how it can be recycled.

Be Careful

While cleaning, you are likely to come across private documents that have confidential information on such as your name, address, date of birth and more.

If you want to dispose of these documents, ensure you do it properly and safely to ensure nobody can access them after you have thrown them out. A safe method of doing this is through shredding any private documents you no longer need.

It’s a BIG clean

Sometimes a house clearance can have a lot of unwanted things, sometimes more than you initially expected. Instead of doing multiple trips to get rid everything you don’t want, it could be easier to get a skip.

Forge Skip Hire offers many different sized skips to help aid your house clearance, so find out how we can help.

Keep it up!

Try to keep on top of your house organisation and keep it ‘de-cluttered’. You can do this through weekly clean-ups, monthly clear-outs or whatever fits around your lifestyle.

Studies have shown that having clutter and mess around can make it harder to concentrate on a specific task. So just remember, keeping organised is beneficial for your health and can positively impact your focus levels.