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Top tips for an eco New Year’s resolution

The new year is a good time to consider adopting some healthier habits, especially when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re stuck for New Year’s resolution ideas, why not consider making the pledge to become more eco-friendly in 2022? From your diet to the way you travel, living sustainably can be achieved in a number of ways.

Read on for Forge Skip Hire’s top eco-friendly tips and how to do your bit in stopping climate change.

Why is it important to be more eco friendly?

As the climate crisis continues, it has never been more important to assess our carbon footprint and consider ways we can be more eco friendly.

Many of our everyday actions, whether driving a car, eating meat, or even buying a plastic-covered product, all contribute to the growing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are powerful substances that trap heat from the Sun when it reaches the Earth, gradually warming up our planet and having a devastating impact on the ecosystems around us. A rapidly changing planet means extreme weather, loss of plant and animal life, and many more substantial environmental alterations that threaten humanity’s existence.

How to reduce your carbon footprint

In recent years, attempts to stop climate change have focused on reducing the carbon footprint of our daily lifestyle.

To learn how to be more eco friendly, it’s important to first pick out the things that could be increasing your carbon footprint.

Did you know that…

Doing simple things like using rideshares, committing to a few meat-free meals a week, and sourcing your outfits second-hand, can make your lifestyle more eco friendly.

Top eco friendly tips for the New Year

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Many people use the New Year to commit to a greener lifestyle – Veganuary, the month-long challenge to eating only vegan food in January, estimates that in 2021, around five million people gave the vegan diet a go.

Others make a New Year’s resolution to only buy second-hand clothing, give up international holidays for the year, or even attempt a completely plastic-free lifestyle.

Here are Forge Skip Hire’s favourite eco friendly New Year’s resolutions that will have you well on your way to living more sustainably.

Travel sustainably

One of the biggest creators of greenhouse gases is the airline industry. Though some companies have recently committed to keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum, the cheap fares still entice many holidaymakers to take multiple flights a year.

While we all deserve a holiday, there are ways to travel more sustainably. Can your vacation instead be taken locally? If not, is there another way you can travel via boat, train or car to your destination instead?

It’s not all just about the transport either. Choose to visit a greener country – that is, somewhere that does its bit for the environment, such as by protecting the local ecosystems or investing in renewable energy.

The same goes for hotels, villas, and other accommodation. Do some research beforehand and make sure your hotel is taking the steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Some will stock only plastic-free toiletries, local produce in the restaurants, or may even have a method for reusing water.

Shop consciously

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With many companies now openly declaring their commitment to the environment, it’s easier than ever to adopt this next New Year’s resolution – shop only from eco-conscious businesses.

When shopping online, do some research into the product you need and see if there is a smaller, more environmentally friendly company to purchase from instead. Supporting independent businesses is not only great for the economy but also for the planet, with many new businesses being established with green values in mind.

Have a second look at what you’re buying too. With food, be sure to properly check the labels and look for evidence of ethically and locally sourced produce, meaning fewer air miles.

Consider making the swap to zero waste products next time you need to restock your toiletries. With shampoo bars, toothpaste tablets, and even plastic-free deodorant now commonplace in many health and beauty retailers, it’s incredibly easy to switch to a more sustainable and natural product in this area.

We’re all guilty of overspending on clothes, but if you do need a new outfit in 2022, how about hitting up the charity shops instead? Buying preloved clothing saves it from landfill, and your pennies go to a pretty decent place too. Some charity shops have even started placing their wares online, so you don’t even have to leave the house either.

Eat Green

It’s no secret that adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet is better for the environment. Yet around 72% of meat-eaters currently claim they have no meat-free days in the average week.

Eating greener doesn’t mean giving up the things you love entirely. While a completely vegan diet may not be for you, swapping your sausages for veggie ones or your steak for tofu, even once a week, will help reduce your carbon footprint. Make Meat-Free Mondays part of your New Year’s resolution for 2022.

Donate to environmental charities

One of the most effective ways to fight climate change is to support the organisations that are on the frontline, actively helping to better our world and secure our future.

There’s no better place to spend your leftover cash than on these incredible companies, many of which rely on public donations to fund their research and mission.

Whether saving the world’s rainforests or looking for more effective renewable energy options, these environmental organisations have been highlighted as some of the best places for donations.