Container for roll-off skip loader at potatoes field at sunset.

Roll on roll off skip hire: what you need to know

Nowadays, skips come in all shapes and sizes.

You’ll have no problem finding a skip size that perfectly fits your needs, from small skips to assist your house clearance and garden debris to large containers for entire building renovations.

Roll on roll off skips are the most significant style of waste container we offer at Forge Skip Hire, perfect for large jobs with high volumes of waste.

What is a roll on roll off skip?

Roll on roll off skips are high-capacity waste containers that differ slightly in appearance from traditional skips. They are typically cuboid-shaped rather than standard trapezoid waste containers.

Users can also load a roll on roll off skip from the end and the top with a fully functioning back door.

Forge’s roll on roll off skip dimensions cover between 20 and 35 cubic yards of space, depending on the size. You can hire extra features such as an enclosed and lockable container for an added sense of security.

Benefits of roll on roll off skip hire

Loaded dumpster near a construction site home renovation dumpster filled with building rubble dumpster

Large roll on roll off skips can carry a considerable amount of waste — a standard 20-yard container can take up to 220 waste bags.

Using a bigger container saves time and money with fewer trips to the local dump or recycling centre and means you’re less likely to need multiple skips.

Choosing an economical option is also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the reliance on fuel and minimises reliance on waste disposal options.

Hiring a roll on roll off skip can reduce the amount of harmful debris and hazardous waste around your site, making the environment cleaner, greener, and easier to navigate. A tidy site is essential if more people are in the location, such as a workplace or building site.

Having a designated location for your waste makes it more transparent for people to adhere to a safe and proper disposal process.

When to use a roll on roll off skip

Choosing a roll on roll off skip is best if you have more waste to get rid of. Whether this is a one-off project, such as a building renovation or ample house clearance, or if you are a business with a significant waste stream, roll on roll off skip hire can save you money and make your waste disposal process more efficient.

Things to consider when hiring a roll on roll off skip

The larger size of a roll on roll skip means there are a few things to keep in mind before and during the hiring process.

  • Make sure you have a big enough space to accommodate the container and the roll on roll off skip lorry. Large driveways, private car parks, and building sites are best for these bigger containers.
  • Take note of what you can and can’t put into a skip. Just because the container is bigger doesn’t mean you can throw away more harmful and hazardous items. Speak to us if you’re unsure about any materials you need to get rid of.
  • Ensure you get the right size skip. Even a roll on roll off skip can be too small for some significant construction projects. Make sure you’ve considered the full scale of your operation before committing to a skip size.

How much is a roll on roll off skip?

The cost of your container depends on the roll on roll off skip size and the amount of time you need it.

At Forge Skip Hire, we offer a fully flexible approach so you can obtain the best and most competitive rate for your roll on roll off skip hire. Contact us to discuss your options and find out more.