Reasons to hire a skip for summer renovations

Home renovations are one of the biggest yet most rewarding tasks and can add value to your home, hopefully leaving you feeling happy and satisfied with the results. However, there is a lot of work involved when it comes to summer renovations, and you need to consider the amount of waste you’re likely to generate.

Hire a skip for your upcoming summer renovations so you can easily dispose of your waste and make room for a fresh new space in your home.

Why summer is the best time to renovate

Summer is a great season for home renovations. It offers more stable and predictable weather conditions and extended daylight hours, providing more time to work.

You can also expect faster drying and curing times from the heat of the summer months. There are many more advantages to renovating during the summer months, and these are just some of the many. If you were planning to renovate, now is the best time.

Best places to renovate in summer

When choosing the area you want to renovate, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How big the project will be?
  • How much disruption will the project cause to your home/daily life?

Renovations during summer are favourable because homeowners can spend more time outdoors or temporarily relocate to other home areas during renovations. Warmer temperatures also create a comfortable environment to live and work without heating systems that may be turned off during the renovation process.


Remodelling your kitchen during summer is a fantastic idea because you can utilize the outdoors and use outdoor cooking options like grills, smokers, or portable cookers. With warmer, drier weather, it’s easier to cook and eat outside in summer than in winter.

Kitchen renovations generally generate a lot of fumes and dust. However, summer kitchen renovations allows for improved ventilation, as windows and doors can be opened.


Back garden landscaping can be the perfect project to work on during the summer months.

Gardens provide outdoor living and enjoyment, you can take advantage of the warm weather and spend more time outside. Renovating your garden to be well-designed and functional makes it perfect for having guests over and hosting outdoor events and activities. It also provides the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family closer together with a functional outdoor space. This is the perfect time to add and transplant new plants, as this time of year promotes root development and encourages plants to establish themselves more quickly.

Reasons to hire a skip

Hiring a skip can be incredibly beneficial for various reasons and offers a straightforward solution to efficient waste management during the project.

Efficient waste management

Renovations often generate a large amount of waste, especially when there is a lot of debris, packaging, and construction materials.

Safety and cleanliness

Avoid a hazardous work environment by keeping the debris contained and reducing the risk of injuries.

Compliance with waste regulations

Renting a skip ensures you comply with waste regulations. The improper disposal of renovation waste can result in fines or penalties.

What size skip do I need?

Before you hire a skip, you always need to consider the size of the skip you need. You must also consider the duration of your renovation project, the amount of waste you expect to accumulate, and the type of skip that would be suitable for your needs. If you’re unsure of the skip size, you may need to contact us today.