Approval of a skip hire permit document

Licences and permits you need for skip hire in Leeds

What are the main licences and permits for building work in Leeds?

Leeds City Council provides a list of licences and permits for building work in Leeds, and there are several that are specific to this kind of work:

  • Building materials delivered to roadside/pavement
  • Cranes and access platforms
  • Planting vegetation e.g. verges
  • Projections e.g. canopies, upper floors, CCTV equipment that overhangs the pavement or road
  • Scaffolding and hoarding

You’ll also need a permit for any other kind of structure that is going to be placed on the public pavement or road.

Leeds City Council said: “We want to make sure roads, pavements and footpaths are kept clear and safe at all times.”

What other types of licences and permits are there in Leeds?

There are a few other types of licences and permits in Leeds, with varying impact on building work:

  • Abnormal load routes should be notified to the council in advance.
  • New dropped kerbs and vehicle crossings (i.e. to cross the pavement from a road to a property) need permission.
  • All roadside/pavement filming needs permission (e.g. promotional/estate agent videos).
  • Traffic Regulation Orders can affect loading, waiting and turning permissions.
  • Roads and pavements may be closed via a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for one-off events.

Deliveries may also be disrupted due to the Play Streets initiative, which closes streets completely in order to provide a safe space for children to play in the road.

How to apply for permits/licences in Leeds

Application forms for most of the above are available as PDF or Word documents from the Leeds City Council website.

Remember, there is likely to be a fee involved with obtaining any kind of permit or permission, as well as a potential delay of anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

If you want to apply for a permit to place a skip by the roadside in Leeds, it’s a two-page Word file that requires full details of your name, address and contact details, payment method, and when and where your skip will be positioned.

Alternatively, we can make the application on your behalf when you get Leeds skip hire from Forge – just choose ‘On Road’ when requesting your bespoke skip hire quote, and we’ll do the rest.

This allows us to make sure your permit is in place before your skip is delivered, and that we collect the skip for removal and disposal before the permit expires.

By doing so, we can be kept fully aware of when your permit is in place – and help you to avoid any possible fines or penalties for overrunning the expiry date.