Van Man Standing Next To White Van

How to get the right man and van for the job

Clearing rubbish isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it’s made much easier when you hire a skip or a man with a van to remove all of your waste in one go.

Assuming you find a registered waste carrier who is fully licensed and legal, both options give you peace of mind and all the necessary paperwork to show that you have disposed of your waste correctly.

The main difference between the two is that with skip hire, you’ll typically have your skip for several days, can fill it gradually yourself, and get it collected when it’s full.

In comparison, a man with a van will usually turn up, help you to load the van (or load it himself) and then take your rubbish away with him immediately.

Both have their advantages — a man with a van is fast, easy and helps with the heavy lifting, whereas a skip can take large amounts of waste generated over a few days, for example during ongoing refurbishments.

What types of waste can a man with a van remove?

Different jobs produce different amounts of waste, and just like the different sizes of skip hire, a man with a van can cater to different quantities of waste too.

If you just have one bulky item to pick up, he might add you on to his round for the day and load it into his van along with items from other locations.

For a full van load, you’ll pay more, but for obvious reasons, you’ll usually have the van (and the man) for longer as he transfers a full load of waste materials ready for removal.

Do I need to be there for collection?

As long as there’s easy and safe access to the waste materials, a man with a van can usually collect them even if you’re not there.

Obviously, if the waste is behind a locked gate, fence, or inside a secure building, someone will need to be there to provide access.

If it’s outside and easily accessible, just make sure it’s clear exactly what needs to be taken away – and especially anything that should NOT be taken.

A licensed waste carrier will generally give you a Waste Transfer Note anyway, so you can see the full details of what was removed from your property.

Should I hire a skip or a man with a van?

Some people prefer the hands-on help of a man with a van, while others prefer to hire a skip to fill themselves — it really depends on how long the job will last and whether you have somewhere to pile up the waste before collection.

A roadside skip is a completely acceptable way to get large amounts of rubbish out of your way, and if you fill it you can always get it collected and an empty one delivered in its place.

Finally, you could always choose both — fill a skip and get it collected, then get the help of a man with a van to remove any last bulky items for a faster clean-up.