A clean and fresh washing machine drum, ready for use.

How to dispose or recycle your washing machine

When your washing machine stops working, don’t let things spin out of control. It is important to dispose of your washing machine safely and legally.

Washing machines are part of our everyday life and it can be a stressful situation when they stop working properly. So, what do you do next?

Whether you have bought a new model, or your machine has broken.

Here are our top suggestions!

Check if it still works

In a moment of panic, people can jump straight to the conclusion that their washing machine is broken. It could save time and money for you to complete some checks to conclude whether your washing machine can be fixed.

Some simple checks you can complete yourself are:

  1. Is the power to the washing machine on? (obvious, but effective!)
  2. Check the washing machine door is working, if the door doesn’t shut properly the machine won’t always work.
  3. Check the load, there needs to be the right amount of clothes for an even spin!

It is extremely important to remember that your washing machine might still be in a working condition. If it is still working, but you just fancy a new model, this means that there are other things you can do.

Donate it to Charity

Donating an unwanted item to a charity will be appreciated by someone who may not necessarily be able to have this item otherwise. Not only does it protect the environment by preventing items going to landfill sites, but it helps those in need.

The following local charities are likely to collect from your home for free (providing it is in full working order):

Repair it

It can be seemingly difficult to find the money to buy another washing machine, but it is something we need and use consistently.

Not ready to part with your washer?

One course of action is to get your washing machine repaired; it might be a lot cheaper to get it fixed than fork out for a new one. The safest option is for a professional to assess and repair your machine. Make sure to do research on a reputable company to complete your repair.

However, if your washing machine has reached the end of its cycle, keep reading for what to do!

Recycle it

Recycling is a great option for disposing of your washing machine. Over 75% of waste electrical goods end up in landfill, which is a huge contribution to soil and water contamination.

If you have a suitable vehicle, you can take your washing machine to your closest recycling your closest recycling centre in the electrical container.

If you do not have a safe way to move your washing machine to a recycle centre, you can book a collection through the council, which is usually chargeable at around £20 per booking.