How to dispose of your television

For many people, a television is one of the most used electrical appliances in their home. When you are getting a new one, because you fancy an upgrade or because your television has finally broken, you must dispose of the old one safely and effectively.

Below is our guide of how to dispose of your television, whether it is in working condition or broken.

What to do with working televisions

If it is time for you to upgrade to a new television, here are some things you can do with the old one.

Donate your television

If your TV is in a safe and working condition, donation is an excellent option. You could donate your television to someone who is in need.

You could give your television to a family member or friend; they might not be able to fork out for an upgrade so would appreciate it.

There are thousands of charity shops throughout the UK, find one near you and donate your old television.

Here are some charity shops that take televisions:

Some online platforms allow people to give their unwanted products away — for example, Freecycle. Freecycle is a non-profit movement of people who are giving and receiving stuff for free in their local towns.  

Exchange your old set

In an attempt to be eco-friendly, a lot of big retailers will offer a product exchange service. This deal means that you can exchange your old television for a newer model.

From this the retailer can ensure the television is disposed of and recycled correctly — even if it is broken.

In some cases, if your television is working, retailers will sell the product on and give you money or in-store credit. Examples of retailers that take part in these schemes are SamsungCEX and Zarax.

Put it up for resale

If you want to upgrade but need some extra cash to do this, one option is to resell your television. The most popular choice is to do this online. Here are some different online platforms that you might want to consider:

It is vital that if someone wants to meet in person regarding the item you’re selling, you follow the safety measures suggested to ensure you are not in any kind of danger.

Scrap metal including an old television.

What to do with broken televisions

It is important to check that your television is actually broken, as if it is still working or can be fixed easily – it can save you money.

Here are some quick checks you can do to review the condition of your television:

  • Check that your TV is plugged in and try a few different outlets to check it isn’t the plug that is broken.
  • Check for exterior damage, e.g. cracks or severed wires.
  • Check connections are tight and properly plugged into the TV.

If you have done these tests and conclude your television has got to go — below are some options that you have to get rid of it.

Council collection

Your local council will offer a collection service for broken televisions, among other electrical items; you need to put your postcode in here and arrange a collection.


Recycling is an excellent option that will also help the environment. You can find a place near you to recycle by putting your postcode into the Recycle Now website.

Electrical items that are being recycled are taken to a reprocessing plant where they are shredded into small pieces. After, magnets remove ferrous metals such as steel. Other non-metallic metals are removed by using electronic currents.

Recycling electrical items mean they won’t end up at landfill sites, and this avoids hazardous substances leaking out, preventing both water and soil contamination.