Hire a skip or visit the tip?

If you’re having a big clear-out or doing some work on your house or garden, you’re going to have a fair amount of waste to get rid of – certainly more than will squeeze into your household wheelie bins. But what is the best way to dispose of it? Should you head to your local household recycling centre, or should you hire a skip? We’ll explain the pros of each waste removal method below: both methods are useful, so it really depends on your situation as to which you choose.

Pros of skip hire

  • It’s more convenient to hire a skip. It is dropped off, you fill it with your waste, and it is then collected. You’re not having to carry waste very far either – your skip will be placed somewhere helpful, so heavy or bulky items can be tossed straight in.
  • A skip can cope with large amounts of rubbish, whereas your vehicle may not be able to, resulting in several trips to the local dump.
  • Skip hire involves one set fee, however several trips to the tip can also cost you in both petrol and time. The loading and unloading of waste can take a long time, as can the journey back and forth to the household recycling centre.
  • If you’re getting rid of dusty, dirty, bulky or heavy waste, I’d recommend hiring a skip instead of using your own car to transport the waste, as at best you will have to clean your car out afterwards, but at worst you could damage your upholstery, bodywork or paintwork. An overloaded vehicle also makes rear view vision difficult, which can be dangerous.
  • It’s easy recycling: just chuck it in the skip, and your skip hire company will sort through it for you.
  • You’re not limited to the opening times of your local tip.
  • You don’t need to remember to take your household recycling centre permit to the tip with you if you hire a skip!

 However, the tip could be useful when:

  • You need to dispose of a small amount of waste, that’s just a bit too much for your household wheelie bin
  • Your waste is clean
  • Your waste is light and very easy to manoeuvre
  • You have mainly one type of waste
  • The tip is very close to your home

Of course, we are biased, and there is a cost involved with hiring a skip, but when you look at the pros and cons it is clear to see which method of waste removal is easiest and most convenient in the majority of situations. A skip can be delivered and removed from your property at times convenient to you, can take nearly all waste, and can be situated mere feet from where you’re working.

Featured image credit: Kurhan