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Garden jobs for Autumn

You’ve probably barbecued your last burger of the Summer but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your garden until Spring arrives.

With just a little TLC you can keep your garden clean and tidy, giving you plenty of enjoyment from it in the colder months.

That might mean snowball fights and building igloos if we get a white-out Winter, or there could still be some sizzle in the sausage if a warm sunny day inspires you to unpack the barbecue one more time.

Here are five garden jobs for Autumn that will help to keep your outside space ready for use whatever the season brings.

1. Clear it out

First and foremost, clear out the fallen leaves and dead growth from the end of Summer.

Even a medium sized garden is likely to fill your garden waste wheelie bin several times over, and if you’re in Leeds, the council stop collecting garden waste completely during the Winter months.

If you have soil or rubble to dispose of, twigs thicker than 3cm, branches and tree stumps or other bulky items, consider whether you should hire a skip for garden waste and get rid of it all in one go.

2. Clean it up

Give it a good clean. Washing your paths and patios might seem strange going into the worst weather of the year, but it’s worth it.

Cleaning your hard surfaces now removes the organic matter that makes them extra slippery when wet, and also makes it easier to keep them clean with a quick wash over Autumn and Winter.

3. Cut it back

Autumn is the ideal time to cut back overgrown bushes and hedges, and to call in a tree surgeon to lop off any rotten limbs.

Again, you might want to hire a skip for garden waste that’s bulky or heavy, as you’re unlikely to be able to place this in a normal garden waste wheelie bin.

4. Running repairs

Use the last of the longer days to get the essential DIY garden repair jobs done – make sure glass is securely in place in greenhouses, sheds are sturdy and benches are not rotten.

It’s easier to repair and replace things in the Autumn than to wait for them to be damaged by Winter weather, and you’re also more likely to find a dry day to do any outdoor painting that might be required.

5. Bird boxes

Finally, make sure your garden is wildlife-friendly as our furry and feathered friends need all the help they can get to make it through the Autumn and Winter months.

Unoccupied nesting boxes can be taken down and cleaned out ready for their new tenants to move in next Spring (just make sure nothing is still using the bird box as a habitat).

Feeders should also be cleaned out and stocked with fresh food – and during Winter it’s wise to only part-fill them and replenish them more often, so the food isn’t out in the open for longer than necessary before being snapped up by a robin or other winged visitor.