Farmer blocks fly tipper

A fast-thinking farmer made headlines after using his tractor and trailer to block the exit of a white van caught red-handed fly tipping on his land.

The incident near Selby, just south of York, made local and national headlines as the farmer was praised for taking steps to prevent the culprit from leaving after dumping a load of rubbish in his field.

North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group attended the scene and posted photographs of the vehicle and the heaps of building waste it had tried to leave behind.

In their Facebook post, the NYP RPG said: “Along with local officers, we assisted a farmer who caught someone fly tipping on his land near York.

“The quick-thinking farmer deployed some unorthodox TPaC tactics and managed to detain the offender and vehicle until police arrived.

“The van driver, who is a local tradesman, has been reported for multiple offences in relation to waste carrying, fly tipping and no MOT.”

It is a light-hearted post – the reference to Tactical Pursuit and Containment (TPaC) is more than a little tongue in cheek – but could have serious consequences for the driver of the van.

The man, who is believed to be a local builder, could face a fine of up to £400 on-the-spot for fly tipping, even without a criminal prosecution, and more punishment if the authorities decide to take him to court.

He also potentially faces anywhere from a £60 fixed penalty to a £1,000 fine for driving with no valid MOT certificate.

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