9 benefits to decluttering your home

We all collect ‘stuff’ in our homes, just different types and for different reasons. It could be books if you’re an avid reader, and you’ve not yet made the change over to ebooks. Perhaps your house is full of unwanted gifts, given to you by well-meaning friends and relatives whose feelings you don’t want to hurt. You could have sentimental things piled up, items from your childhood you can’t bear to part with, or a vast collection of shoes and clothes, half of which you’ve never even worn. Whatever your clutter vice, having a clear-out in your home can bring many benefits. In fact, there are so many benefits to decluttering your house or flat, you will wonder why you’ve not done it before now.

The nine points below are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider decluttering your living space. This doesn’t mean you have to live an entirely minimalist existence, but living amongst less mess and excess ‘stuff’ can help you in the following ways:

1.    Grab more time to yourself

Time is precious. The less mess and clutter you have in your house, the less time it will take to keep your home clean and tidy – meaning more time to yourself, and more time to spend doing things you want to do, rather than chores.

2.    Gain some space

Most of us wish we lived in a bigger house, but it’s amazing what a good clear-out can do in terms of making the space you already have feel a lot larger. Stop dreaming of more room, and start creating it by removing some clutter.

3.    Welcome more visitors

Photo: monkeybusinessimages
Photo credit: monkeybusinessimages

Not only will people be keener on visiting your home if it feels more spacious, but you’ll also feel happier about people visiting. Preparing for guests will also feel much easier, as there will be less cleaning, tidying, and manoeuvring of furniture to do beforehand. Claim back your social life!

4.    Think safety

A tidy home is a safer home. Once you have decluttered, there will be much less chance of someone tripping and falling or injuring themselves, and it will be much easier to keep clean too.

5.    Save some money

Once you have decluttered once, I guarantee you will want to keep your house the way it is, and so you will be spending far less money on material ‘things’. Imagine the savings you could make!

6.    Help the environment

When you declutter your house, you will buy less ‘stuff’, meaning you’ll be creating less rubbish, and will also require less cleaning products – this is all of benefit to the environment. Who knew having a clear-out could be so environmentally friendly?

7.    Make moving house a breeze

Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd
Photo credit: Wavebreak Media Ltd

Moving house has been cited as one of the most stressful situations we come across in life. Once you have decluttered, you will find moving house so much easier; you will know where everything is, you will have space to pack, and – most importantly – there will be much less stuff to pack. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

8.    Never lose your keys

How often do you run around the house looking for your keys or your wallet, or that train ticket you need for the train you’re catching in 30 minutes? If you live in a tidy, minimal space you will know exactly where everything is at all times, and if you did happen to misplace something you would be able to find it by sight really easily.

9.    Reap the mental benefits

Clutter affects you mentally; it impairs your ability to concentrate, your ability to relax, your ability to perform everyday tasks as well as you could, and it can be highly distracting. Get rid of the excess items, and bring some calm into your life and mind.

So, what do you do with all your stuff when you declutter? You could use your local tip, you could send quality items to your local charity shop, or you could hire a skip.

Featured image credit: PlusONE