9 ways to cut the cost of skip hire

Skip hire is a fantastic way to dispose of large amounts of household, garden, construction, and building waste. However, any form of construction or gardening you wish to do at home can be pretty pricey.

When it comes to cutting costs, there are plenty of ways to trim the price of your skip hire and make it more cost-effective and convenient for your renovation budget.

Reduce your waste output

Reduce your waste output by considering building waste removal costs. If you are a commercial customer, cut down on skip-hire costs by reducing the waste you produce on-site. The best way to do this is with careful planning. When ordering the materials for your project, ensure you only order what you need. This will prevent excess waste.

Give away what you can first

When you are organizing your home or having a house clearance, there will be items of furniture you can donate to charity, give to your friends and family or sell them online through Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. By giving away first, you can cut expenses, as reducing your rubbish may allow you to order a smaller skip at a cheaper price.

Don’t pay for a permit

Don’t pay for a permit if you don’t need to. Double-check the location of your skip and see if this really needs a permit as this will also cut expenses. Licenses for a skip are only needed if your skip is placed on public land (the road). If you have a driveway or land, you could clear it to place the skip on, consider doing so as this can save you money.

Select the right skip for your needs

Most people think the smaller the skip, the cheaper the hire, but many are caught out by this thought process. While it is true that a smaller skip is cheaper to hire, this isn’t the case if the smaller skip requires several empties or you have to complement your skip hire with a few trips to the local waste recycling centre. These instances will lead to a more extended hire period and higher skip hire fees. Invest in a reliable skip that is the right size for what you need to save money on additional costs.

Avoid overloading your skip

Some people try to save themselves a few quid by ordering the smallest skip they can but then realise they have far too much waste for the skip and try to balance it all on top anyway. If the skip is safe to move but overfilled and overweight, you will be charged an extra fee. If the skip is unsafe to move, the skip hire company will refuse to remove it. Order a realistic skip size and save yourself both money and hassle.

Avoid things you can’t put in a skip

Regarding skip hire charges, some items can warrant an extra charge if they aren’t allowed in a skip. Similar to many waste disposal services, there are restricted items, which can’t be included in a skip. If you are unsure of the restricted items, check out our list of what you can and can’t put in a skip to ensure you don’t accidentally put the wrong thing in your skip.

Hire your skip for less time

Hire your skip for less time to cut costs. When it comes to the initial work, you should work faster if possible or remove all the waste first so you can arrange for your skip to be collected much sooner. 1-day skip hire is simple but very effective.

Another trick you can do is order your skip ready for the last day of your work and carefully collect the waste somewhere out of the way but is easy to access, so when your skip arrives, it can go right in and be collected as soon as possible.

Combine your jobs

This one is for commercial customers, such as builders. If you’re following one job up with another, and both will need waste removal services, it might be a good idea to hold out on skip hire until you have started or nearly completed the second one. If you do this, you could also order a larger skip and result in a cheaper skip hire experience by saving you from ordering twice.

Share a skip

Regarding skip hire, it’s possible you may not be the only one carrying out renovations. Consider sharing a skip with a neighbour and splitting the cost between you. If you share a skip and split the cost with a neighbour, the skip hire prices can work out much cheaper and save you a little bit of money.

Skip hire is available in the Leeds area and you can contact us for a quote today, If you’re unsure of which skip would be suitable for your needs check out of skip hire size guide.