Christmas charity gifts to consider in 2019

Charity Christmas gifts are a popular alternative to giving material goods to friends and family. This is especially important in the current generation when awareness of environmental and social issues is on the increase.

A Christmas charity gift shows thought, represents good value, and gives the recipient some extra brownie points on whichever social networks they use.

Some charity Christmas gifts are designed so that you receive something in return, rather than just being a one-off donation that leaves the ‘recipient’ feeling empty-handed.

Here are some of the best Christmas charity gifts you might want to consider giving this year – an ideal last-minute option if you don’t have time left to go out, buy, wrap, and deliver something physical.

Adopt an Animal

Adopting an animal for Christmas is always a popular option, and the main animal charities usually have a campaign running around this time of the year, so you should be able to find a package to give as a gift.

Cats and dogs are obvious choices, perhaps for an elderly relative who kept pets when they were younger and would like to know they are continuing to help take care of abandoned or rescued animals.

Another great seasonal option for Christmas is a donation to a donkey sanctuary. Many of these charities will send regular updates with photos of your adopted animal, making this a gift that continues to give throughout the year.

Plant a Tree

With the environment high on the agenda, you could consider sponsoring a tree or making a similar donation to an eco-friendly charity or good cause.

Tree dedications start from less than £10 and are available up and down the country. The National Forest is 35,000 trees away from hitting nine million trees planted in total, so you could sponsor a tree in the National Forest to help towards that milestone.

You can also donate via the Woodland Trust, who have options ranging from individual trees for £20 right up to larger areas, marker posts, and benches with an acre of trees for £2,000-3,000.

Give a Gift

If you want to make Christmas better for someone you’ve never met, give a gift directly to a charity like Refuge, which supports women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Refuge has a selection of charity Christmas gifts you can give directly to the women and children they are helping this winter, starting from just £5 for a pair of ladies’ gloves or a child’s woolly hat.

Any extra funds raised once they’ve bought everything on their list will be used to fund the charity’s regular activities, so every donation is valued.

The children’s charity Promise Dreams is an alternative – they raise funds to provide practical help and memorable holidays to young people.

They currently have a selection of sporting memorabilia in their online shop, so you would be helping a good cause and getting a physical gift that you can give to a sports fan too.

Have fun

Christmas is a time to be with friends and family, to enjoy yourself, and to give (and hopefully receive!) generously, whether that’s in the form of physical gifts or the kinds of charitable donations mentioned here.

Either way, enjoy the holidays this year and show some support for the charities and good causes you feel most strongly about.