What happens to skip waste?

Hiring a skip makes it easy to dispose of household waste or tackle a big garden clear-out. Once you’ve filled up your skip with various items – old desks, garden furniture, or even building debris – skip hire companies will return to your property and collect their skip with the contents inside.

But what happens to your rubbish after that? How is your waste disposed of? Does any of it get recycled?

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Understanding Unblocktober and How You Can Help

As a society, we’re notorious for just throwing things away without giving them a second thought. Things that can be recycled go into the general waste, and things that can’t somehow always creep into the recycling bin. It can be tricky to understand the various plastic types, and even more so to cut down on plastic usage. That’s when things often end up in the wrong place, with much of it sadly going down our drains.

After decades of pouring things away without giving it a second thought, our sewage systems are beginning to take a toll. Even more worryingly, much of it is ends up in our water sources, harming our health and contributing to ocean pollution.

Take the plunge into murky waters to help clean up the planet when you get involved with Unblocktober 2021.

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Everything You Need to Know About The Great British Beach Clean-Up 2021

Litter from land sources is frequently washed or blown into the ocean, resulting in a cocktail of chemicals and garbage that harms the environment and is detrimental to life under the surface. The Great British Beach Clean aims to reduce marine pollution and raise awareness of the damaging effects caused by ocean litter.

Learn more about the Great British Beach Clean Up, the effects of beach pollution, and how to participate this year.

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How to Live a Zero-Waste Lifestyle as A Student

As September rolls around, many students will be leaving home for the first time and get a taste of independence by living in shared housing or university halls. From buying new bedspreads kitchenware essentials to deciding which pictures to put on your walls, there’s a few things to consider before leaving the nest.

One of those things is your carbon footprint, which you’ll now be solely responsible for. It’s critical to be aware of plastic pollution and global warming as you gain independence so you can play a vital part in improving the health of the planet. One way you can help make the world a better place is by living a zero-waste lifestyle.

You may be concerned about the environment, but you are a student with a limited budget. However, there are several ways to live a zero-waste lifestyle without breaking the bank.

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Benefits of hiring a skip this Christmas

Christmas is a time to prepare your home or office for new things and dispose of the old. It is crucial that there is space for new presents or items that may come your way.

You might need to clear out your house, as that’s where your COVID-19 Christmas support bubble is gathering, or maybe your work office needs a good clear out ready for the new year. Whatever the situation, now is a great time to hire a skip.

Instead of “finding space” for clutter, you can hire a skip to safely and effectively get rid of your waste in one go.

Throughout this article, we will cover why Christmas is the ideal time to hire a skip, how to effectively de-clutter an area and the importance of disposing of waste effectively.

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What to do if someone fly-tips on your land

If someone fly-tips on your land, it can be frustrating, and unfortunately, the responsibility falls to the owner of the land. Fly-tipping is illegal, and people can be fined and prosecuted for committing the offence. There are certain things you must do if someone has fly-tipped on your land, so let’s take a look below.

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When’s the best time to hire a skip?

There’s never a bad time to hire a skip, but some times are better than others. All too often, householders leave it to the end of a DIY project to hire a skip and throw away all the rubbish.

But to get even better value out of your skip, hire it at the start of your work. This allows you to clear out your workspace so there are fewer obstacles, making it easier and safer for you to move around.

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