How landlords can attract new tenants

First time buyers are getting older, more families are renting now than ten years ago, and fewer private renters expect to ever own their own home. While this may be bad news for some, for a landlord or lady like yourself, this can only be music to your ears! The rental sector is currently booming. But how do you encourage potential tenants to view and choose your property to rent, instead of the seven other properties on the same street? These tips and tricks should help you to receive a constant cash flow.

Prior to property viewings

If your property has been sat empty for a while, arrive early to open the windows and air the rooms, and collect any post that has arrived. If your previous tenant has just moved out, you have some work to do!

Image credit: Voy
Image credit: Voy

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House projects you can get ready for 2017

Many of us subscribe to the ‘new year, new start’ way of thinking, even to the extent that some people spend New Year’s Eve itself getting some DIY done – a perfect way to use those long hours until midnight, if you’re not one for partying.

As 2017 gets underway, here are some ideas of how you can prepare projects around the house and get your living space up to scratch for the new year.

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How to dispose of a wooden fence

Fences aren’t something you need to dispose of very often, so when the time comes to do so, you might be unsure of how to go about it. After all, fences are large and cumbersome. They are often constructed from treated and painted wood too, which isn’t as easily recycled as plain wood.

Before you even consider dismantling and replacing your old fence though, you have an important job to do, which is explained in full below.

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