How to enjoy a sustainable ale

There are many factors that determine the ‘sustainability’ of an alcoholic beverage, whether it’s a fine wine or a craft ale from a local microbrewery.

There’s the sustainability of the natural resources used – for example, a reliable water supply, or more recently, worries about the continued availability of CO2 for use in carbonisation. Continue reading How to enjoy a sustainable ale

Tips for becoming self-sufficient

There are plenty of ways how to become self-sufficient, and they don’t all involve going ‘off grid’ or living on an island in a lake – although that is an option if you want to completely remove yourself from modern society.

As a starting point though, more and more of us are already becoming self-sufficient in individual ways, for example by growing our own food, or installing renewable power sources.

Everyone can do something to become more self-sufficient, and it doesn’t have to have a major impact on your lifestyle – here are a few options to consider.

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