Gardening tips for November

It’s easy to neglect the garden when the nights draw in, but with the worst weather of the year likely still to come, November is a crucial time to do some last-minute planting for spring, tidy up errant shrubberies, and generally prepare things for the depths of winter.

Here are just some of the top gardening tips for November to help your outdoor space withstand the wind, rain, frost and snow, so that it can emerge in springtime in tiptop condition.

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Tips for becoming self-sufficient

There are plenty of ways how to become self-sufficient, and they don’t all involve going ‘off grid’ or living on an island in a lake – although that is an option if you want to completely remove yourself from modern society.

As a starting point though, more and more of us are already becoming self-sufficient in individual ways, for example by growing our own food, or installing renewable power sources.

Everyone can do something to become more self-sufficient, and it doesn’t have to have a major impact on your lifestyle – here are a few options to consider.

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