How to dispose of your television

Whether updating your TV set or saying goodbye to a beloved yet broken television, TV disposal can be a complicated and confusing process.

Safely and effectively recycling or getting rid of your television is integral to avoiding voids and protecting the planet. With our handy guide, learn how to get rid of an old TV, no matter the condition.

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When to use an enclosed skip

While hiring a skip is a helpful addition for your house clearance or building project, some safety and security measures should be considered.

Open skips are more susceptible to misuse or theft, especially if the skip bin is on an easily accessible driveway or near a busy street. People may use your skip to dispose of their own rubbish, which can sometimes be hazardous, or steal potentially dangerous items only suitable for landfill.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent these scenarios. Lockable skips are a popular option for those who require added security during their project. Find out more about enclosed skip hire with our handy guide.

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Roll on roll off skip hire: what you need to know

Nowadays, skips come in all shapes and sizes.

You’ll have no problem finding a skip size that perfectly fits your needs, from small skips to assist your house clearance and garden debris to large containers for entire building renovations.

Roll on roll off skips are the most significant style of waste container we offer at Forge Skip Hire, perfect for large jobs with high volumes of waste.

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What happens to skip waste?

Hiring a skip makes it easy to dispose of household waste or tackle a big garden clear-out. Once you’ve filled up your skip with various items – old desks, garden furniture, or even building debris – skip hire companies will return to your property and collect their skip with the contents inside.

But what happens to your rubbish after that? How is your waste disposed of? Does any of it get recycled?

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