Top 5 skip hire safety tips

Skip hire safety is always the first priority when hiring a skip.

A skip is a large metal item that gradually gets heavier when you fill it. Most businesses that offer skip hire have strict health and safety rules for commercial skip hire — but have you considered domestic skip hire?

Before you hire a skip from us, we recommend reviewing some of the essential safety tips to ensure you are using your skip correctly and keep you safe from any harm when hiring a skip. Accidents involving a skip are very rare due to the safety precautions in place, but this doesn’t mean they can’t happen.


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Everything to know about buying a skip

We’ve all heard of skip hire, but have you ever considered buying a skip? With multiple skip options available, there are plenty to choose from, and you may prefer owning your own skip instead of hiring one.

Before purchasing a skip, you always need to consider the purpose of the skip and your requirements, including how long you will be using it, etc.

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How to dispose of car tyres

Disposing of your car tyres requires serious care and attention because of the materials used to make them. Because they aren’t degradable, your tyres need to be recycled and safely disposed of in a specific way.

Can I put tyres in a skip?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can’t throw tyres in a skip because of the materials they’re made from. They need to be disposed of differently to other general waste items to prevent any issues.

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Skip hire and waste management glossary

When it comes to waste management, many places can use exclusive language and specific jargon, which can get confusing — especially if you don’t usually deal with skip hire or waste management.

Thankfully, we have explored the coined terms for waste management products and services and their definitions to help you understand waste-specific jargon.

Regarding skip hire and waste management, there are multiple types of waste, skip hire services, and different terms used to clarify waste and skip hire types.

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Hire a skip or visit the tip?

Skip or tip hire is the big question when it comes to disposing of items. Suppose you’re having a big clear-out or renovating your home or garden space. When carrying out a large task like this, the waste can build up quickly and turn into a large pile — certainly more than will squeeze into your typical household wheelie bins.

If it doesn’t fit into the wheelie bin, what is the ideal way to dispose of it? Tip or skip? Does the job just need few trips to the local household recycling centre, or should you hire a skip to collect the waste on-site?

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How to declutter your home the easy way

Clutter can consume your daily life, and decluttering can often feel overwhelming — whether the junk’s in one room or has taken over your entire house.

However, you’re not alone — 90% of the UK public has clutter in their home, and reducing it is more critical than ever.

Clutter impacts your physical space but can also affect your mental health. A shocking 47.2% of people reported feeling stressed and swamped by a disordered property.

Likewise, jumble leads to conflict between household members in 80% of the country’s houses.

It can be tempting to delay decluttering, but this can lead to further problems like the misplacement of essential things like keys.

Let’s dive into four vital decluttering tips to get you started on the road to an organised, junk-free home.

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