How landlords can attract new tenants

First time buyers are getting older, more families are renting now than ten years ago, and fewer private renters expect to ever own their own home. While this may be bad news for some, for a landlord or lady like yourself, this can only be music to your ears! The rental sector is currently booming. But how do you encourage potential tenants to view and choose your property to rent, instead of the seven other properties on the same street? These tips and tricks should help you to receive a constant cash flow.

Prior to property viewings

If your property has been sat empty for a while, arrive early to open the windows and air the rooms, and collect any post that has arrived. If your previous tenant has just moved out, you have some work to do!

Image credit: Voy
Image credit: Voy

Making your property ready for new tenants

In an ideal world, your property would be left in perfect condition, exactly how it was when you last let it out. In the real world, the best case scenario is a deep clean and a clear out.

Follow these tips to get your property ready for its next inhabitants:

  • Chuck out all the unwanted property left by your last tenants, or furniture and appliances of yours that they have ruined. Hiring a skip is the easiest option for this stage. Then replace what you need to.
  • If any walls need repainting or anything needs touching up or repairing, now is your chance to do it.
  • Deep clean the property, and deal with any strange odours.
  • Tidy up the gardens and outdoor space, as this is the first thing a potential tenant sees.
Image credit: yanc
Image credit: yanc

Perfect property viewings

  • Make sure there’s somewhere for the prospective tenant to park their vehicle when they arrive.
  • Make the space feel homely: smells work well, so brew some coffee, bake some bread, or light some scented candles.
  • Ensure you have answers ready for all potential questions, such as information on council tax, bin collection days, current utility suppliers, and proximity to shops, schools, the GP surgery, etc.

Other tips for getting your property rented

  • Reassess your monthly rent annually to check you are in-line with similar properties in your area.
  • Assess how other landlords are marketing their properties.
  • Use as many advertising methods as possible: social media, free sites such as Gumtree, local newspapers and other publications, and you could even place adverts in local shops or businesses.

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