A quick guide to Christmas waste disposal

With magic in the air and Father Christmas on his way, December typically brims with joy and treasured moments shared with loved ones.

Unfortunately, the spirit and cheer of the festive season can also create a massive build-up of waste in homes and workspaces.

The main offenders are decorations, presents, Christmas cards, food waste, and Christmas trees. As you’ll know from previous years, the house and office can rapidly get messy with the excess.

This Christmas, approximately 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will end up as landfill waste when it could have been recycled. Gifts contribute to this statistic, with over 21 million people receiving at least one unwanted gift each Christmas. Unfortunately, a small percentage of these gifts end up in the bin instead of being regifted or donated to charity.

With so many hurdles to navigate for an eco-conscious Christmas, let’s explore why skip hire is the best method to dispose of your Christmas waste.

Why should you hire a skip over Christmas?

Handling the surge of Christmas waste in homes and businesses is where a skip truly shines. As wheelie bins overflow, the challenge of excess waste arises, leading some to resort to mixing recyclables with general waste. A skip offers the perfect solution to this seasonal dilemma.

The Christmas holiday is also the perfect time to declutter your home or office for new beginnings, carry out a garage clearance, or plan home renovations.

Whatever your waste type, hiring a skip is the best way to dispose of everything at once. Depending on the scale of the waste you’re dealing with, you can choose from various sizes to fit your project perfectly.

You can be sure all your waste will be handled correctly by Forge Skip Hire, however you spend the festive season.

Free up some space

Clear the way for giving and receiving this Christmas. Decluttering beforehand ensures your gifts won’t get lost in the shuffle and creates space to cherish your presents without them disappearing into boxes or bags for weeks after the festivities.

We separate the waste for you

Skip hire simplifies waste disposal by eliminating the need for waste separation. However, it’s crucial to avoid hazardous items when filling your skip.

For clarity on what’s permissible, refer to our guide outlining acceptable and unacceptable skip contents.

Help the environment

Hiring a skip over Christmas offers multiple environmental benefits.

For instance, proper disposal of large Christmas trees can significantly impact your carbon footprint as they decompose, releasing approximately 40kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

Proper waste disposal at Christmas (and year-round) is vital to safeguard the environment. Landfill-bound waste can harm soil, water, and wildlife.

Our skip-hire services ensure responsible recycling. At Forge Skip Hire, we prioritise safe waste disposal and maximise recycling opportunities on your behalf.

Contact Forge

At Forge, we provide a variety of skip-hire sizes to meet diverse waste needs, accommodating long-term or short-term hires.

Contact us today for a quote on your winter skip hire requirements and enjoy a hassle-free Christmas and New Year.